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The Wildlands have faded into the role of an Otherworld of sorts, a glossy, strange realm of spirit lurking behind the thinnest rippling veil. In many places, be they dark hearts of the woods, ley line convergences or pristine mountain summits, this veil wears through entirely, letting the manic colors of the Wildlands spill forth. Unfortunately, most of the patchwork geography of the Wildlands has sublimated into the new world, but the deep wilds – sometimes called the Feywild after their primary denizens – remain intact, and indeed are now more accessible than they once were.

Most former denizens of the Wildlands have taken this with good grace. Although somewhat trapped in the mundane world, the Eladrin have taken to manipulating the Veil with characteristic ease. They can cut a slit in reality and slip through the Otherworld faster than your average Ork can blink. Since they can pop between their home and their home away from home practically at will, few have had serious difficulty adjusting to the change.

Gnomes have split on the matter. Some find themselves surprisingly at home in the converged world, often gravitating toward urban areas (generally to the dismay of magic-averse Erfflings, who also tend to favor large cities). Others have grown even more reclusive, joining with retreating Middle Realm elves to create a sort of nature-worshipping neo-Fey society in the woods and dales.

Being nomads, most Beastmen never quite felt the attachment to the Wildlands that the Fey-kin developed. The game is just as plentiful here as it was there, although some of them have more legs than they used to, and some of them have turned into giant versions of themselves, and so on. They are alone among former Wilders in that they lack an innate capacity to understand and manipulate the Veil, but they still get along fine with the other gifts of the Wilds, and are hardly taken aback on the occasion that the Veil shifts without anyone’s permission.

Races common to the Wildlands:

Eladrin | Gnome | Beastman


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