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  • Tieflings are predictably split on the Convergence. Those who chafed under their masters’ yokes are thrilled to finally be free, to finally have weekends off, to finally not have to precisely match their yearly 5912k contributions to their medical dividends or risk the wrath of Taxitus. Of course, transitioning from a history of servitude to freedom is less of an easy task than it sounds. Many Tieflings are struggling with the vices they never used to have enough time to indulge fully, and finding it difficult to keep busy, even with the demanding task of rebuilding a world out of the chaos.
  • Other Tieflings miss their masters, particularly Tieflings who had been technomantic researchers or entrusted with a measure of power themselves. The former are throwing themselves, body and soul, into researching a way to at the very least recharge their miraculous devices in the Conjoined world, and the latter are either sitting around stewing or organizing their own tiny empires in the space the Powers aren’t watching too closely.
  • Tieflings commonly take up wandering, or at least move around their hometown reasonably frequently. Most of the Demons liked to keep them on contract labor to keep them from really getting too attached to any one setting, and the result is a vague but undeniable wanderlust. Most Tieflings are well-suited to the life of an adventuring explorer in temperament, if nothing else.
    • Tieflings are a species who have long neglected their physical side in favor of their intellectual and personal development. Their masters demanded long hours, great analytical aptitude and advanced reasoning acumen from them, and they complied, gaining +2 Intelligence in the process. Their masters also demanded that they entertain a strong sense of personal responsibility, lead each other in task-focused teams, inspire confidence and trust in their business partners, and remember to floss their fangs, style their hair and buff their horns in a professional manner, earning them +2 Charisma. Of course, now their masters aren’t exactly in position to do all that much demanding, and without the Daemons holding them by a pay-scale leash, modern Tieflings are free to shift their focus to other areas. (See House Rule G for more information).
    • Tieflings are medium-sized, although they are technically “medium (long)” with all that tail taken into account.

Ah, a demonspawn. Wonderful. I’ll finally have someone to fetch my morning coffee. Oh? You say you’d prefer a life of adventure over the stability of demonic employ? Well, I suppose it is your life to lose, after all… If you’ve made your choice, feel free to peruse the various occupations you might enjoy as an adult. If not, kindly return to Worlds or Sentient Beings.


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