One of the common Classes of the Convergence


Magic is an act of intense effort. For most, the lion’s share of the will involved is spent in acquiring it, learning how to cast it, tracking down sources of it and more. For some, however, the most difficult aspect of magic to master is not using it—or, more accurately, not destroying themselves and everything in a twenty-mile radius every time they sneeze.

Sometimes the stars align and the spirits bow and the forces swirling throughout the world just beyond comprehension freeze in flux at the moment a Sentient is conceived. It is thought to be similar to the magical process that leads to the birth of a Spellborn, but quite different in the end; instead of being filled with mere elemental energy, a babe born in such circumstances is instead linked to the ley lines suffusing the world—conduits of raw power that, to hear most theorists tell it, lend the energy to all things.

The survival rates of such children are not particularly high. However, those who master the power coursing through them – before it masters them – go on to be known as Sorcerers. Some view Sorcery as dark magic, born of the same taint that would otherwise be considered mutation or corruption, but that is not necessarily the case. Different ley lines have an affinity for different energies, and some are dark indeed. However, even as dark as they may be, Sorcerers did not seek after the darkness. Their nature is an accident of birth, not the result of a conscious choice, and therein lies the whole of the thing.

Successful Sorcerers are able to exploit and bend the power coursing through them to affect their environments. Such raw power is difficult to shape into anything but lethal forms, but most Sorcerers would likely prefer that anyway. Growing up with the condition tends to impart a certain wildness of spirit and intensity of will that lends itself quite readily to destructive magic in the first place. Sorcerers may be found among all people from all walks of life, be they cursed seventh sons to the nobility, wild mages born to the tribes wandering the wastes, or simple folk just born different. They rarely congregate and certainly do not have elaborate universities like Wizards, but like any craft, having a mentor or small group of like-minded companions makes it much easier to learn – and survive.

Some Sorcerers tap into veins of the wildly fluctuating elements of the Astral Sea, some chart their lives based on the eddying currents the sun, moon and stars make in their courses above the world, and others look to the mighty Dragons, perhaps the most ley-attuned creature in the world, for inspiration.

  • Sorcerer powers are found in the PHB2 and Arcane Power.


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