sentient beings


The five worlds have given rise to a wide variety of species and peoples. However, not all races are worthy of the title Sentient; some are simply too violent and uncivilized, such as goblins and bugbears. Other races find themselves eternal pawns to a great and terrifying power, and cannot therefore be said to have free will: these include the shadow-bound Shadarkai, the ever-elusive Changelings, and the possessed Kalashtar. Finally, a few are just too damn stupid, like, for instance, the Bullywug.

The following, then, are the major Sentient races for each of the five shattered worlds, now found throughout the Converged world (and available for player use. Anything not listed below is not allowed).

Middle Realm
Grey World
Human Eladrin Dwarf Tiefling Deva
Elf Gnome Ork Giant Spellborn
Minotaur Beastman Dragonborn

Additional race rules and notes:

  • A. At this stage in history, most denizens of the world have more to worry about than what race a particular individual living in or wandering through their territory is. Species bias does definitely exist, but for the most part, things are mixing about as well as could be expected. Which isn’t really all that well.
  • B. Although the common varieties of Sentients may have developed on one of the five worlds, that does not necessarily imply that they were nowhere to be found in other worlds. Even in the old days, portals linked all five realms fairly comprehensively and travel was reasonably possible, even to and from the Grey World – although their M.I.B. bureau did a fair job of keeping portal-travelers out of the public eye. Additionally, the handful of precursor species that formed most of the major races existed on all five realms at one point; while most of them either developed into the dominant forms listed for a given world or died off, others may have inherited the traits of another common Sentient race. The mostly-barbaric tribes of humans found on Erff, for instance, are considered weaker, obviously less talented Orks. Since you have just been born into the Conjoined world, this does not affect you directly, but if you absolutely must have mismatched-plane parents or relations, feel free.
  • C. This is academic at this point, since you can’t be either, but neither Angels nor Demons are intrinsically moral. That is, they’re neither good nor evil by default. Demons are just powerful spirit beings that came about in a world where one had to accumulate power in order to survive, while Angels are equally powerful spirit beings whose major task of survival was controlling the surges of power around them. The same is true of Tieflings and Devas. Although the forces of law and chaos are implicated, for game purposes all of the aforementioned are Unaligned. (The same goes for Dragons (and their Erffly descendants), Orks, and just about any non-monster race with a given moral connotation. What’s a monster? You’ll know one when you see one.)
  • D. A note on sizes: all sizes listed in quotation marks are actually considered medium-sized for game purposes. Yes, that’s right, “small” and “large” actually mean medium. If your race is “large”, the major distinction is that you will likely need to look for some XXL chainmail. Note that although no race is Large in game terms, some races are actively Small. Poor little buggers, I say, but what can you do.
  • E. A note on morals and ethics: Please do not bother selecting an alignment for yourself. Instead, please select a few notable phrases that describe your personality and response to adversity and conflict. For instance, if I were to describe myself, it might be something along the lines of “perspicacious, nefarious, and loquacious”. Further, a small list in declining order of persons, organizations, concepts or principles to which you devote yourself may be of great use. Mine might look something like “myself, my family, my academic colleagues, and my country of origin”. Note that these guidelines give you the freedom, under certain circumstances, to behave in ways considered evil by a consensus of sentient beings. Rest assured that the Powers take care of their own, however, and excesses of darkness will not go unpunished.
  • F. No half-anythings, not even -lings.
  • G. Finally, a statistical house-rule. All races may choose to move one of their racial +2 stat modifiers to a statistic of their choosing, mimicking the existent human benefit of the same sort. In exchange for this, humans also receive +2 Charisma. (Note that you cannot stack your modifiers; you must choose a different statistic than one already have a bonus to. That is, a Dragonborn could move her +2 STR to any stat other than CHA, where she already has a +2 bonus, or her +2 CHA to any stat other than STR.)

In order to better understand your race, please indicate which realm your race hails from:

The Middle Realm | The Wildlands | The Grey World

Narvandier | Empyrea

sentient beings

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