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  • The modern Ork is very little like the screaming barbarian stereotype perpetuated by (largely Dwarf-made) comics and “filmies”. Few other races are as haunted by the aggression of their ancestors as the Orks, although Middle Realm elves’ views of humans comes close. However, for your average Ork, the one thing worse than being thought of as an illiterate barbarian is losing his or her individuality; they are a people strongly driven toward it, and will take practically any chance to differentiate themselves from the pack. It doesn’t help that they’re the most populous Erffling race — many Ork births result in twins, and triplets are not unheard of. The net result is a very cliquish society, always splitting up and staking their own territory.
  • Orks are quite urban in their outlook. Their swift population growth lends them to form dense settlements, and their mechanical aptitude enables them to build them. What Dwarves plan, Orks build. Many Orks feel compelled to forever be tinkering with and upgrading their dwellings, possessions and even bodies – bodybuilding is a common Ork pastime, among both genders.
  • Most Orks are adapting to the Convergence reasonably well. They may have lost a significant chunk of their culture – no longer can they spend their nights watching Orkadian Idol and So You Think You Can Dance – but, hell, even if there isn’t a place for them in the new world, they’re damn well gonna build one.
    • For all their professed individuality, Orks as a whole are not a terribly original species. They actually wind up resembling one another fairly strongly, in fact; in the old country of Arcadia, regarded as the bastion and indeed source of most Ork culture in the Grey World, they were beginning to become fat, lazy, and extremely entitled. However, the Convergence has shaken them out of that rut, letting them return to their ancestral roots and also develop a few new skills here and there. Orks tend to be well built and favor weight-lifting and other strengthening pastimes, granting them a +2 to Strength, while their long legs and powerful muscles lend them speed and agility unmatched by most other races in their homeworld, to the tune of +2 Dexterity. Of course, tell any Ork that he is too like his brothers and he will likely immediately begin working on something else just to stake his own claim; it goes without saying that many modern orcs turn their time and focus to different forms of exercise and different pastimes altogether. (See House Rule G for more information).
    • Orks are medium-sized. Don’t tell that to their faces, though, or they’ll privately begin worrying about being medium and go try to get taller or shorter to make a difference.

Ah, so you’ve chosen the greenskins, young one? I’m certain you’ll have no difficulty making your mark on the world. You might want to get a move on it, though; your brothers and sisters are already eyeing your prize, and we can’t let them come out on top, can we? If you’ve made your choice, please decide on an occupation to pursue as an adult. If not, please return to Worlds or Sentient Beings.


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