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Although the Conjunction changed the hell out of the other four worlds, it utterly destroyed Narvandier. The entire world held together only thanks to the massive amount of power the eldest Daemons had collected. When the Conjunction hit, those power stores were silenced, and in a matter of seconds the plane tore itself apart. In a sense, most denizens of the world were lucky to be enfolded into a swirling mass of chaos matter, because their other likely alternative was either getting sucked into the Void or drowning in the Astral Sea.

However, the actual geography of Narvandier, such that it was, can still be seen in places. The rocky plains and molten reaches have settled on a layer deep beneath the earth, creating a fire-lit underworld of terrible horror to most sentients. Demons, on the other hand, find themselves right at home, although without their power stores and the Tieflings’ technomantic devices, they’ll have a hard time recreating their grand holdings. Other reaches of the cave system are cooler, father away from the furious heart of the earth. These are rapidly filling with nocturnal chaos beasts and untold horrors. Whispers speak of strange land-walking squidmen and cannibalistic, bloodthirsty elves. (Not gnomes, mind you; everyone already knows about gnomes’ taste for blood. It’s scarcely worth commenting on.)

Narvandier’s technologies always relied on and accounted for magical influences, so the scattered technomantic artifacts that have turned up are still quite functional. However, most of then required a connection to the vast power reservoirs of the elder Daemons, and the best the Conjoined world has to offer is a few lightning bolts here and there. Until someone manages to get at least a basic geopsychic generator installed, most of them won’t be worth too much.

The tall mountains of Narvandier still thrust up through the earth, quite literally in this instance; their roots are still underground where they once were, leaving their peaks in a much more temperate zone. The Giant-kin living on them are approaching their new world with a sense of undying wonder. The Demons and Tieflings had generally left them alone on Narvandier, the Giants having little beyond occasional deposits of metal that the Demons wanted. But now, in the Conjoined world, the Giants have places to go and things to see. Maybe even things that are not constantly covered in snow and ice! It is a highly exciting time to be a Giant.

Races common to Narvandier:

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