Middle Realm

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Middle Realm

The Middle Realm has changed the most of any of the five worlds. In a matter of seconds, it was changed from a sleepy backwater world (with it’s share of epic adventures and empires, naturally) to a chaotic base that the other four worlds were mixed into. The transformation has not left it in terribly good shape. However, many landmarks and distinct features of the surface realm are still recognizable… just mostly not quite in the same place they used to be.

Unfortunately, there is little to be said for the history of the Middle Realm. That is, the only thing the Middle Realm really had going for it was it’s history, and now, in the Converged world… well, it doesn’t really apply anymore, does it? Almost no trace of their great empires, cities and conflicts can be seen on the new landscape, and as time goes by, such things begin to fade even from the memories of the Elves.

Middle Realm surfacers have always been attuned to slower, almost geologic-scale changes in their societies and lands. Individuals in power and those with the most invested in their former social environs were predictably devastated by the Convergence. However, both humans and elves are among the most adaptable, versatile races known to the universe at large, so although they have been set back significantly, only a fool would consider them out of the spotlight for good.

Now that they have free access to the surface, many former underworld denizens have wasted no time leaving their moldy caves behind – especially now that the molten reaches and fierce creatures of Narvandier have melded in with them. Both Minotaurs and Gnolls are relatively uncommon sights in the Conjoined world. Their constant warring and hostile environment artificially depressed their numbers, particularly the Gnolls: even though Gnoll females give birth to as many as five pups at a time, and even accounting for their hearty constitution and ability to eat practically anything, few of them survived to reach adulthood at age 9. Even more died in the almost constant inter-pack squabbling for what few resources existed in the Gnoll homelands. On the other hand, Minotaurs compensated for their musty environment by simply being extremely tough to kill, but their calves are often weak and sickly for their first few months, and until recently only the strongest have lived through the obligate spate of fungal infections that prey upon the young.

The surfacers and underworld-dwellers don’t get along all that well – surfacers fear the monstrous and bestial nature of the underworld, while the underworld-dwellers tend to hate anything vaguely resembling a Hyllken. Most refuse to believe they ever shared a world. That said, they don’t really wind up in conflict often; by and large, the Converged world has given all of them much more pressing things to worry about. Both the civilization-building ways of the surfacers and the underworld-dwellers’ canny survival skills are required in the new world, and those willing to look past the surface can find much benefit to joining forces.

Races common to the Middle Realm surface

Human | Elf | Halfling

Races common to the Middle Realm subterrane

Gnoll | Minotaur | Halfling

Middle Realm

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