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  • Gnomes are the major representative of the Other Fey, the Small Fey, the Fey That Are Not Eladrin, as the implication often goes. No small resentment there; one of the greatest pleasures in the average Gnome’s life is managing to break a Fey elf’s concentration or poise at a critical moment. This rarely devolves into outright hostility; most Eladrin are collected enough to recognize that they perhaps deserve a measure of this treatment, so relations have never come to blows. (It gives them a good excuse to continue treating the Gnomes like the incontinent children they so clearly are.)
  • The humans of the Middle Realm once storied Gnomes as trickster spirits, with appetites verging on monstrous. This is, well, more or less true, but most Gnomes are okay with that, and the humans generally just have to get on with things.
  • Gnomes are less adept at punching holes in the Veil than the Eladrin are, but they make up for it with their ability to manipulate it. When threatened, they can simply reach out and grasp the Veil, wrapping it around themselves and temporarily hiding their presence from both the real world and the Otherworld. Their other invisibility powers are augmented by the Veil rippling around them, and are very difficult to penetrate by ordinary means.
    • Gnomes are small, quick and nimble, but commonly are too busy devising devious plans and the like to bother with exercise. Instead, most Gnomes spend their time coming up with plans-within-plans (Gnomes are quite often avid conspiracy theorists) and researching minute arcana, earning them +2 Intelligence. They are also possessed of the force of personality to bluff their way into changeling households and enough personal wherewithal to convince others to ignore their eerie all-black eyes, resulting in +2 Charisma. Of course, some modern Gnomes are not quite as sold on the whole Trickster mystique or simply haven’t bothered developing it in favor of something that is actually useful, allowing them to move one bonus to another statistic. (See House Rule G for more information.)
    • Gnomes are Small in earnest, although nowhere near as diminutive as the versions of them storied in Fader Chrysmas legends (or in the once-great WarArt games created in the last days of Erff).

Interesting. You have voluntarily chosen to be a trickster, young one? A changeling? I’m told you may need to drink blood on occasion to maintain your diminutive charms… but that may be yet another Human myth. If you’ve made your choice, please decide on an occupation to pursue as an adult. If not, please return to Worlds or sentient beings.


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