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  • The Giants of Narvandier, only distantly related to their larger, more monstrous kin, are closer in the grand taxonomy to Dwarves, of all races. Dwarf scientists have recently discovered that there is a buried magic-responsive region in ancestral Dwarf genomes that, when expressed, resonates with earth-elemental energies. In Narvandier, where streams of molten rock flowed from the ground at a moment’s notice and mountains were born daily, there was more than sufficient ambient earth energy to stimulate these alleles. Turns out that’s the region that regulates overall body growth, and the Giants are a result.
  • Although justifiably thought primitive by the Demons and Tieflings in their great cities of glass, Giant culture fits in well with the nomadic tribal ways of the Beastmen and more nature-oriented Elf colonies. What most people of more civilized races do not expect from Giants is their undying curiosity. Coupled with a hospitality tradition among their people that thinks nothing of wandering into other people’s houses and borrowing things out of their dressers, this has sparked a number of innocent misunderstandings mistaken for robberies.
  • Their inclination to get out and explore the world, once vital for finding new livable zones to support their population in the barely viable tundras of Narvandier, has rendered Giants some of the premier explorers of the new world. Add in their overall resilience and ability to adapt to practically any terrestrial environment, and you wind up with something that is every bit as frightening to chaos beasts as chaos beasts are to your average milkmaid.
  • Note that the name Goliath is mildly insulting in common usage, having taken something of an archaic, discriminatory tone after decades of dismissive Tiefling parlance. Although Giants may rarely use the word to refer to themselves or others, it is rarely appreciated when other races use it.
    • The average Giant is pretty much as the legends would paint him: a hulking, muscular creature who spends much of his time lifting rocks and throwing them at unsuspecting fluffy wildlife, gaining +2 Strength, covered with a tough, almost stony hide and enough fortitude to withstand the might of a Narvandier blizzard, earning them +2 Constitution. However, modern Giants no longer have to contend with the Worst Weather Ever and often find other uses for their time than yet another foray into Competitive Rock Tossing, leaving them free to wander about and turn their personal focus to whatever type of development they prefer. (See House Rule G for more information.)
    • Giants are definitely “large”, although considerably more reasonably sized than Gigantus Monticulus, the next-largest species in the overall ranking of Giants. Since Giant clothing and armor must often be custom-made, and custom things tend to be expensive, some more outgoing Giants have been embracing the Elven “nudist chic” movement, much to the chagrin of Gnomes and others whose heads only come up to waist-level.

Goodness, a Giant? Really, young one? Well, I can’t fault you entirely. The world in it’s current shape practically demands the strength and stony fortitude of a Giant. That said, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll just be off installing child-proof locks on all of my cabinets and cupboards. Wouldn’t do to have things wandering off. If you’re certain of your choice, you ought to pick an occupation to pursue as an adult. If not, feel free to return to Worlds or Sentient Beings.


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