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  • Dwarves have long been the central organizing force behind many of the cities and empires of Erff, and they’re not showing any signs of giving up the trade now.
  • Some dwarves took the sudden dissolution of the natural laws especially hard, mourning as intensely as the priests who had suddenly lost their gods. These dwarves (and their impressionable followers) swathe themselves in white and hang all manner of now-useless gadgets from their garments and beards; the leader of this sect is said to be scarcely recognizable under her pile of pocket calculators, EPS units, Squamular Phones and the like.
  • Most dwarves have taken to the change rather poorly, but that seems to be endemic to the dwarven condition. They are not a race given to enjoying change of any sort, unless it’s the kind coming back to them after they purchase a pint of something strong enough to pickle a yak.
  • Some young dwarves have begun a mage-punk movement in earnest, picking up all manner of arcane trappings in just the right way to annoy the piss out of their elders. Most of them have the makings of pretty good mages, too, which just makes it all the worse.
  • All dwarves are capable of growing beards, although these days most females either shave or grow a style emphasizing only the side whiskers. (Dwarf beards are fine like the hairs on their head, not coarse like human beards.) Still, it’s not uncommon to see full beards on any dwarf, regardless of gender. Over time, their language has carefully divested itself of gender cues except for very specific innuendos for use in courtship situations where the gender of the desired partner is unknown1.
    • The role of Dwarves has changed rather dramatically from their societies in the Grey World to their new digs in the Converged world. While they once belittled whatever physical abilities they may have had in favor of traditions and intellectual pursuits, their strong, stout bodies are becoming an asset yet again. Many Dwarves exercise these qualities, resulting in a +2 bonus to Constitution. With much of their book-learning more or less useless in the new world, traditionalist Dwarves are increasingly falling back on their ancestral ways and remaining beliefs, netting a +2 Wisdom bonus. However, more modern Dwarves have thrown themselves into the new world with a furor unmatched by any save their ancient ancestors’ need to mine into the earth, enabling them to shift their focus to whatever they choose – even magecraft. (See House Rule G for more information.)
    • Dwarves straddle the line between “small” and medium. Although they’re rather short by most races’ standards, they pack at least as much bulk as your average human into their stumpy frames.

1 The general thrust attempts to determine which tool the dwarf in question prefers. “I’d like to grab your hammer with my tongs”, for instance, answers the question somewhat directly2.

2 Of course, some couples find the other partner is distressingly in possession of the wrong set of wedding tackle. Some modern dwarves choose to go ahead with the marriage anyway, because at this point, hell, they’re in love. A dwarf marriage is more properly a one or five year contract with option to renew, anyway.

Ah, the stout folk. The new world needs people like you, young one; it is a realm almost completely devoid of stability and good sense. And it could probably do with a few improved cornices, and really, who designed this joist, and we need at least ten bracing timbers here and there… and a few bracing drinks afterwards, don’t you think? If you’ve made your choice, feel free to choose an occupation to pursue as an adult. If not, by all means return to Worlds or Sentient Beings.


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