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  • Devas, once the devoted servants of the Angels, have been violently freed from their soul-yokes. They are still almost immortal, possessed of immortal spirits in rather disappointingly mortal bodies. Upon death, their spirits fade back into Empyrea, where they are collected in a great globe in their Sanctuary. From there, they seem to be reborn into new bodies, either babes conceived the natural way or by simply awakening one day, fully formed, somewhere in the Empyrean wilds. Whether or not this is truly reincarnation is unknown; no Deva has access to the real memories of their own past lives, but the collective experience of their race lives in them nonetheless.
  • Like Tieflings, Devas have generally split into two camps. The former relishes the opportunity to let their guard down, finally getting the opportunity to truly be themselves and not bother with this whole rigamarole of sacred destiny and glorious service and blah blah blah. No one, not even the most devoted servant, really likes to hear Angelic preaching at all hours of the day. Many of these Devas have taken up pastimes that would’ve shocked their ancestors into fits of filial apoplexy. Barhopping, sleeping around and adventuring are all equally popular among this crowd. They tend to avoid the spotlight, though, since the spectre of ancestral condemnation is always a little bit more prominent than they’d like. (This no doubt gives would-be Eladrin stars a bit of relief, for the Devas are at least their match in general out-and-out impressiveness factor.)
  • Other traditionalist Devas have gone into the world and set up their own monasteries, temples and camps, preaching an undefined message of general self-control and mystic empowerment to the populace. Like the words of the Angels before them, this new sect is appealing and orderly, but not entirely friendly to the nature of mortals. There is a surprising amount of infighting amongst the ranks, as well; far from a unified church, each Deva conclave tends to adhere to the central philosophical tenets of it’s most charismatic figures. Devas are perhaps the people to go to if one wishes to see a single, infinitesimal difference in doctrine or philosophy swelled up into a violent blood feud. Duels have been fought over issues of spelling and authorship, and indeed, the losers shall know the truth in hell. (Well, they shall know the truth when they return to the wellspring of ancestral knowledge that forms the very foundation of their race, but that sounds a little bit too nice for the winners to sign off on.)
    • Deva stats are found in the PHB2, but do note that most Devas are completely unsure where they found those odd-looking purple fellows who accompany the text. Devas have skin colors comparable to most sentients, although it tends to be either somewhat pale or else much more vivid than their lesser non-almost-immortal equivalents. That bit about the strange skin markings is still applicable, however.
    • Like elves of most shapes and sizes, Devas are also “large”. It makes shopping for flowing ethereal robes a bit of a chore.

Angelbait? Here? I thought we’d put up repellent… Oh! Young one! I scarcely recognized you underneath all that, ah… you. Well, interesting choice, certainly. I’ve heard stories about the fascinating things your fellows have been up to in the world, freed of their former bonds. I shall watch your progress with interest. If you’re certain of your choice, kindly pick a profession to pursue when you’re grown. If not, find your way back to Worlds or Sentient Beings.


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