There are quite a few different trades common among adventuring types in the Conjoined world. Most have derived their own creative ways of making the bad guys fall down, go boom, or at least go beat up that guy over there and leave us alone.

Martial Careers

  • Martial heroes are not, as popular belief would hold, completely magically inert. They all utilize a power source rather similar to the ones Divine heroes now use. Some call it chi, or ki, or harughrak, but it is the same for all martial fighters: an inner reserve of unrefined power, manipulated by their own strong bodies and channeled through weapons and armor in an instinctive manner. Moves may be learned and (ideally should be) trained, but the power that fuels them is never truly explained or understood by either master or student. All they really know is that it hurts things, and that’s good enough for them.

Divine Careers

  • You might be curious as to how the various Divine adventurers are keeping hold of their powers in the god-less Conjoined world. The truth is, no one really knows. The cynical answer is that these Divine powerhouses were really producing their own effects all along and that the gods were just mooching off of them to build their reputation — and that seems to be more or less true. However, the Convergence knocked loose all manner of esoteric energies into the world, including those that may be collected into what mortals refer to as a Divine Spark. It may well be that living divine heroes are the closest things the world has to gods, and maybe some of them will capitalize on that in the future and claim those sparks for their own. Other clerical sorts still structure their lives as if their deity was still in existence, and who knows, with the right combination of chaos matter and divine instillation, the god in question just might find his or her way back.

Arcane Careers

  • Following the Convergence, an unbelievable amount of magical energies surged into the world. It is these resonant energies that suffuse the tangled wilds, and it is these same energies that power the spellcraft of mages. Arcanists have become especially valuable in cities and towns of all forms; the chaos suffusing the world is reactive to the will of Sentients, and Arcanists are among the most willful heroes. Unlike Divine and Primal heroes, Arcane heroes do not often have a separate agenda that prevents them from meeting the new world on it’s own terms. However, many Arcane organizations, as well as the careers they support, have either chosen to embrace the chaos or withdraw from the world, and it is up to the individual Arcanist to determine which path suits his needs.

Primal Careers

  • Across all five realms, stalwart guardians of the natural world got the shock of their lives in the Conjunction, almost more than Divine heroes did. The realization that the world they so loved and drew power from was gone was enough to completely shatter most Primal heroes. Many have not yet regained the trust and admiration they once held for the lands around them. Some believe that the Conjoined world is an abomination, an unnatural chimera that mocks the sacred arrangement the five precursors. Others relish the chance to actually mold the new world into shape with their own beliefs and actions. A final few have embraced the chaos of the Convergence, determined to create a new Wild that is every bit as mad as any that have come before.

Mentalist Careers

When the Convergence threw the worlds together, it was not without consequence. As with any mixing of things at complete random, some of the products were wholly new. Among these, a rare few were more than the sum of their parts: in this case, magical energies and mortal minds. A strange new magical field is in place in the Conjoined world that was absent the former five, and it has enabled an entirely new form of magecraft for rare, uncanny mortals. The talent seems to be something one must be born with, and no one born before the Convergence seems to have the faintest idea that the Psionic Energy Field even exists, much less how to manipulate it. Organizations to support Mentalist careers are beginning to develop, but since everything is so new and unexplored, right now practically every Mentalist is rare and special and scary and weird… or, in other words, pretty much like every other adventurer out there.

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