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    h1=. Convergence Welcome to the world. You've just been born! I'm sure your parents are very proud. You'll soon find that in some ways, this world is very much like other worlds you may have known. For instance, a great hodgepodge of [[sentient …

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    h1=. Races

    The five worlds have given rise to a wide variety of species and peoples. However, not all races are worthy of the title Sentient; some are simply too violent and uncivilized, such as goblins and bugbears. Other races find themselves …

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    One of the [[Worlds]] | Back to [[Sentient Beings]]

    h3=. Empyrea While most of the other worlds were either torn up and smashed together to produce the new world, or sequestered behind mystic veils and the like, Empyrea's lot is different. …

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